Green Version of Database Program


I used Delphi 3 to develop a program that involves the searching/editing of local databases in the dBase IV format (dbf). I also made use of Delphi 3's built-in feature to create a number of installation disks for setting up the program in another machine.

As the program uses the BDE (Borland Database Engine), the setup process will install BDE in the target machine as well.

Now I am thinking about creating a 'green' version of the program: One that doesn't need any installation procedure, and can be run directly from a CD or USB storage device of the target machine (which doesn't have the BDE installed). Is it possible?

Suggestions are most welcome!


  • The only way I think about out of the top of my head will involve a lot of coding with records. That way you don't need the BDE, or any other dll or drivers. write/read directly to a ".dat" file...
    Darkwing Duck aka DWduck signing off :)
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