I'm a complete newby on c++

As the title says, i wasn't quite sure to post this at game development forums or beginner c++ forum so i just picked what looked best.Anyway, i always made games with gamemaker but i'd like to get serious now. So i want to start learning real game development c++ language. But the problem is that i don't have source for learning c++ game development. I've been to a lot of online tutorials but i find it too hard to follow... So i need some help here on how to get started with less complicated explanations... (If you're Dutch then thats even better because i can alot more easly learn in Dutch sinds its my own langauge) If you also can you could send me your E-mail to chat on msn. I know alot of you are going to scold me as nub without a perpose so you can just put a post and get on with your life :/
(i'm 16 btw)


  • Start with learning the language itself, without focus on games for the moment. Game development often includes graphics, which is advanced programming. In order to do plain Windows graphics, or something more fancy like OpenGL 3D programs, you need some experience.

    Once you know the basics of C++, you could try to develop something in 2D without too fancy graphics, like the "Snake" game for example.
  • Have a look at my video tutorials on my website www.marek-knows.com

    I go step-by-step showing how to develop a game using C++
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