need python programmer to help with game demo

Update - A programmer offered to help but the demo has come to a stall. I cant get a solid enough design and concept to start for a prototype. I just cant decide lol.


Hello, i need a python programmer or someone who is learning python to help me carry out this game demo.

To be able to work on this game demo you would need some python experience, then you would need to familiarize with the class and library code of the game engine Panda3d i am using. This learning would take about a week and i will help you learn if you are less experience then me and i will reference you to whatever you may need help with. I already know python enough and panda3d enough to make a demo but i want to have someone help assist me in programming since i am a 3d artist.

If you offer to help me but do not have enough time or passion or have bad character/attitude then i will have to drop you for both of our sake and time. No noob childish troll attitude, even if you are a troll, just be considerate/professional and maybe we can work together.

So if you want to help, you must want to learn how to make games, and must have the ability to get into the programmer mindset so that you will understand the programmer's language.

Contact me at fleshtheworld(*)

If i get more then one programmer offer, it might be troublesome cause i do not know how you will work together, so one passionate programmer is all i need. Unless you 2 (or more) can work together.

Temp page for development.

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