use field from a table in memory writing code

Hi this is my first post and im a complete noob to delphi, what im trying to do is create a game trainer as my first project (might be throwing myself in abit to deep i think).

I have had a look at alot of website offering delphi tutorials and things like that and they are really helpful but havent answered a couple of questions, and my main thought is if delphi is right for me to be using for what i need.

Iv spent a lot of time over the past 4 days searching for help on this subject and have decided to ask for help now (iv tried but now i need a little help , dont spoon feed me though please i need to learn as much as possible).

Iv created a form with a ttable, tdatasource, tdblookupcombobox and tdbtext. They way it currently works is you can select one of the options of the list field in the combobox and it displays the value of the second field in the dbtext box (i did this ot make sure i was getting the right value i wanted returning for the choice). I dont want the dbtext in the final version i want the returned value to be a variable (i think thats what i mean) so it can change with each choice, and then i can use that variable as a value to be written to the correct memory address. All im really wondering is if it is possible to do that or should i be looking at a different program to write it with?

Also if its not to much trouble could someone confirm that i can do everything im currently planning to do is possible (without giving me to much help, just yet lol). What i need to do is as follows:

[b][/b][u][/u]single byte/2 bytes and 4 bytes value[u][/u][b][/b]
1. set a value specified by me and freeze it or keep it constantly updated as that value(can be hex or dec as it will be set by me not a user).
2. Have an edit box which user put in value and program times by 10 then set memory address at that value.(prefereably dec if possible but i would imgaine it shouldnt be to hard to make the program convert it first.

[b][/b][u][/u]unicode text 15 length[u][/u][b][/b]
An editbox where the user enters a word/phrase/name etc and that gets written to specified memory address.(not got a clue if this is possible or how i would change to hex if needed, at the moment anyway)

[b][/b][u][/u]array of 4 bytes[u][/u][b][/b]
This is my main question with the field from a table use an array of bytes returned by the dblookupcombobox as the memory code to be written. (could possibly convert them all to decimal values if its easier to use as a variable returned from the table, would just take an absurd amount of time, loads of values to convert.)

Im sorry for the long post and apologise if im asking to much but im not sure were else to look iv goggled loads on this subject, my main concern is actually making sure its all possible (then learn how to do the things im struggling on) or my build plan iv wrote down goes out the window lol.

Thank you so much to anyone that can help (anyone that does help and lives relatively close to me ill buy you a drink or 2 lol)

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