Mysql In Delphi

I have been searching everywhere for the past, about, uh, MONTH! And i can't find ANYTHING useful on how to access mysql databases, edit info in them, queries, all that stuff. I am using Delphi7 w/borland. I need like step by step instructions how to execute queries, connect, all that good stuff. If you do, and its extremely useful, I will do my best to post the tutorial everywhere for people as confused as me! Please help me out here. I know sql, and php, and a few other languages, and im getting into delphi.

Please help! Thanks!


  • look for mydac components, or libmysql.dll if you want to do it yourself.
  • There actually is quite a good set of tutorials on
    is a good spot to go.
    I don't why this is such a difficult subject. Over a week for me, and I didn't find any open source that worked, even the commercial MicroOlap drivers hung my computer but I will try again.
    Just so I could start working on my database forms I created a Microsoft Access database. That worked fine in Delphi 7 2nd Edition, using ADO, but it is slooowww with 200,000 records. Because it is slow, I am back to looking for a MYSQL way.

  • Hello,

    one Component set free for Delphi is ZeosLib

    for Download the library use this url:
  • I tried zeos a long time ago, do not recall why I couldn't get it to work and it was confusing.
    However in response to your post I downloaded the latest version and tried to install following the directions. Not surprisingly it won't install into Delphi 7 Enterprise. When I start with ZCore70 it just says it cannot install because it is not a design time package. Also most of the filenames are not named as the directions say, so again, more confusing.
    I have no idea how to make this package work.
  • Hello,

    Excuse me if I have not helped much.

    I have installed in Delphi 7 Enterprise download this version from this URL:

    Also in this package also contains the DLLs required to operate as a stand alone application.


    I am Italian, so I don't speak very well English.

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