diffrence between c++ on computer and c++ on other machines

Hi pals
Can someone tell me the exact difference between c++ programing for computers and for other machines?
I thinks an example can help.you know a version of a program for computer and one for other machines.


  • Anything with a processor, memory and some I/O is a computer. I assume you mean the difference between PC programming in C++ and embedded programming in C++.

    The main difference is that in a PC you don't need to know anything about the hardware what-so-ever. On an embedded system, you have to know -all- about the hardware, and especially about the processor itself.

    In embedded systems, performance is also a much higher concern than on a PC. This is why assembler, C and C++ are the completely dominant languages in embedded systems.

    You must also know what CPU instructions every source code line will result in. If you for example use templates, virtual functions & heritage etc you will create a program that takes up a lot of space and execution time.

    Generally, embedded systems require a much more disciplined, careful programmer. Bugs in emdedded systems can also have much more serious consequences than the program crashing, they could lead to property damage and maybe even personal injuries.
  • And what about the differences between c++ in differente OS or even in mobile phones?
    thanks again
  • : And what about the differences between c++ in differente OS

    If you keep to the standard and write the programs portable, there aren't any differences between different OS.

    : or even in mobile phones?

    Mobile phones are embedded systems.
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