IIS Settings for moving from 1.1 asp.net to 2.0 Tif Document

In the IIS settings...
Tif Document ASP.NET website 2.0 or rather 3.5
I have checked the MIME types... the configurations in the IIS settings Tif or Tiff documents don't work.
I've noticed this before... that the 1.1 isapi thing works but once you go to 2.0 it doesn't. You get 'page cannot be displayed'. Of course you cannot just put the 1.1 version for just tif either because you cannot change the configuration to run 1.1 isapi and 2.0 for the rest on the same site. So I'm in a dilema. Can I run a particular isapi for tif that wont hose my site, but that will actually work? Or is there another way?

What's the solution?

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