my laptop wireless card is fucked so gettin a new one. im lookin at the Belkin F5D8071 N1 Wireless ExpressCard 300Mbps Adapter to go with my n1 router. i've also been been lookin at how secure my network is and going to try and break into it. so my question is does anyone now if the card can be put into monitor mode or not? this is only goin to be used for my own private network before i get accused of anything.

if anyone knows wot im talking about and could help id be grateful.
(i never read the t/c so dont no if i have broke any rules or not by asking this. this is my first post ill get round to lookin at them soon)
thanx sillysy


  • Your use of language is shocking!! Yet you expect an answer.

    I'm no hacker but i know that if you don't know the answer to the question your asking then the chances of you actualy hacking anything but a wide open system is low.

    The best route for you to learn about hacking and network security is to either find a good friend who knows, or purchase a good book on how to secure a network. These books often have methods documented in them for checking the security of your network after you have secured it.

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