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When you search for a website in Google, it clips some text from each site to be displayed with the URL. Is there a way to control what text is displayed there?

Is it as simple as using a meta tag with description value set?

Is there a way to do it with a Sitemap.xml file?



  • My experience has shown it to be the initial [size=5]unique[/size] text of document or closest match and what is now will certainly change and soon. Not worth the bother for meta with google, but yahoo displays your meta description
  • What you have raised here is all about SEO.The text that appearing in Google result page is not unique and we can change that.Its a meta description read by Google crawlers at the time of searching.By changing meta description in our web site.and i can tell you one thing about SEO is that it is worth to our web site.By SEO Techniques it is possible to make our web site listing in top positions of Search engine results page (SERP).Thank you
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