How to scan and communicate with a device on RAID-controller

Anyone who knows how to do this? The raid controller is Intel ICH8M/9M-RAID. I need to get info from a Seagate hard disk. What kind of information i need to get in order to be able to do this? How is the communication work?
Thanks in advanced.


  • I only have a little bit of experience with RAID, but here's my cut at it. If it's hardware-controlled RAID, you normally can't see what's on an individual disk. Instead, the entire RAID system simply looks like a single disk to the outside world, and you are usually expected to access the data using standard BIOS (INT 13h) calls.

    If you want to see what's on an individual disk, there may be some sort of special I/O call you could issue to the RAID controller. Assuming you could even get data from an individual disk, though, trying to interpret the data you extracted could prove to be quite challenging. The data format would likely be specific to the particular RAID controller: some RAID systems will let you use different sized disks, and on others they need to all be exactly the same, there are different RAID levels, etc.

    Somebody else out there with more experience can certainly correct me if I'm wrong.
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