Force Feedback Steering Wheel

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum! Here's my question:

I've got a program that uses a logitech steering wheel for force feedback. I've been successful in implementing the force feedback. What I am having trouble with is disabling the FF and enabling the auto-centering spring. I would like the user to be able to choose between:
(1) no auto-center and no FF
(2) auto-center on and no FF
(3) auto-center off and FF on [this was already working within a sample code].

I try to change the values of:
dipdw.dwData = TRUE;

but with no success. Any ideas? Thanks!


  • Hi I am actually looking for a wheel which will work without auto centering in my program. I thought it's a something built in mechanically and can't be changed by the user, can you tell me what wheel you are using ?
  • I am using a logitech momo steering wheel.
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