Best programming language for a beginner


I am just starting out with my studies in IT. Before I get to the point where I have to choose a specialisation, I wanted to see what programming would be like.

It doesn't really matter what the programming language can be used for, I just want to get a feel for what programming is like. Also, I have heard that the most common reason for quitting programming is that it was too hard, so I don't want to choose a language that is going to be very difficult.

If you have any books or other internet resources you think would be helpful could you recommend them also?



  • Probably Java is the best way of getting windows up on screen with minimal fuss and confusion. It's also got the advantage that it is free.

    It's not perfect as a beginner's language, largely because it is object-oriented. But I think overall it's probably your best choice.
  • Ha, yes, free is good.

    Okay, giving Java a try.

  • I'M not a very good or experienced programmer, but I know from experience that C++ is very hard to learn. It is also just about the only language out there being used to write video games by all the major companies. But Microsoft has come up with C#, another C bases language. The idea was to have the ease of VB, with the power of C++, and make it and easy language to learn. No one knows where it will go in the end, and it's an idea.
  • am on the same boat! I have a C book a Ruby book C+ book and i have been tolled to start with ruby? any help guys?
  • My suggestion is to look into the Tim Anderson "In easy steps" books,
    don't cost much and they are very simple to start with.
    The most important part is to know what you want from programming, easy language = simple programs.
  • I think PHP is considered to be the easiest langugae to learn.
    PHP was designed to be as easy as possible which is why it made such a big boom in IT.

    No variable types. Just store what you need and PHP takes care of the rest.

    Huge standard library so everyone uses the same methods for similar tasks not like in JAVA where you have 101 API that does the same thing.

    You have your source file and that's it. No .class, .exe, .h files and other.

    Future of programming are supposed to be web based applications and PHP is designed expecially for that.

    Normal programming syntax. Nothing like PERL insain syntax or Visual Basic arhaic "End If" like stuff.

    At least this is what I think. :)
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