I Need A Partner

I am not technically inclined but am putting together a website that has great potential and need a partner who is willing to put in time and programming for a piece of the company.

The website is in the IT industry and the business model has already been proven several times. This site will be a "NEW" twist on the concept and targets a market not yet being approached. There may also be stimulus money available if things go the right direction.

The site will have e-commerce, scalable search engine, https, database that will need to hold about 300,000 users (eventually ... and scalable), auto email based upon key words to specific users and many other features.

It is a well thought out business, marketing plan and business development model. The right person will do very will in not so distant future. I am negotiable on the participation but do not expect the farm.

You can send me an email with your experience, availability and a percentage you would be looking for to mike@rapidpaysystems.com.
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