need COBOL forum

I think there should be a forum dedicated to's high time we realised that the COBOL language is not dead.The process of its revival is going on.

The scenario is getting more exciting with web and database capabilities being added to COBOL specification.

I strongly believe there should be a dedicated forum for COBOL in Programer's Heaven

PS : guess what? they are now speaking of COBOL and cloud computing!!


  • COBOL -- hummmm! Do people still use that language? I haven't even hear it mentioned in the past 25 years. But apparently someone is using it because of [link=]this windows compiler[/link]
    never lie -- the government doesn't like the competition. (Author unknown)
  • of course buddy! COBOL is alive...lets say, hibernating though!! :)
  • We have requested the setup of a COBOL dedicated Forum today. Let's wait and see if PH will oblige. If you need more info in the meanwhile perhaps you can visit
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