Losing datagrid and flexgrid

I have been developing a db macro using Datagrid and flexgrid controls. One day I open the VBA editor to continue with the coding. To my surprise, both controls were missing from my form (the references are still checked properly). Since then, Anytime I try to drop a new one on the form I keep getting this message: "The subject is not trusted for the specified action." Whatever happened, it affected the whole system. I get the same message in every application with VBA, like Word, Microstation, AutoCad etc. When I open old, previously completed macros in the VBA editor, these 2 controls are gone.


  • Hi,
    I had also the same issue....
    yesterday was the datagrid in the form..
    Today ... its gone

    I cant drag a new grid into the form... a message appear
    "The subject is not trusted for the specific action"

  • A solution find:

    Remove hotfix KB960715 from Microsoft for XP.

    Everything is working again.

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