Translate offset to source line number

Hi all,

I have developed a program with C++ Builder.
It works well on my computers (at home and at work), but it crashes on my parents' PC (and they live far from my home ... so I cannot debug it easily).

Windows displays the error message : AppName:test.exe AppVer: ModName:test.exe ModVer: Offset:0003526C

Is there a way to know the line number in my source code that corresponds to offset 3526C ?

Thanks for your help,


  • Only if the compiler supports a disassembler which can show you how the source code is translated to assembler. I'm not sure if C++ Builder comes with one or not.
  • No, C++Builder does not come with a disassembler ... so I think I will use a different way to debug.
    Thank you.
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