validation of controls in template column of gridview in

hello there,
i'm developing an editable grid user control in +, which i can use for my other projects as a control.
i' using a gridview control with Edit,update,delete,cancel image buttons. i wrote a template column class to generate gridview colums dynamically. the idea is to give flexibility to the programmers to add template columns dynamically (i.e. Textbox column, DDL Column, Checkbox Column etc.) according to the programming my template column class i can set multiple FieldValidators for the column like RequiredFieldValidator, Range Validator etc.)
the problem that i'm facing is when i click on the row update button of gridview it validates the textbox in the column but when i click any control outside the grid or another row in the gridview by mouse then the validation don't fire.i want that the user should enter a proper value in the control or just cancel editing and while editing a row he should not be able to focus on any other control on the webpage.
can anybody help me in this's a bit urgent.
please reply considering i'm beginner to and

Thanks in advance.

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