i have two forms: form1 has a textbox which will have the data string that needs to be passed threw the button control also on form1 and when clicked is passed to form2 and then sent to a datagrid1. i want to search for certain records from that datagrid. i am using vb2008 and i found some code listed below and was woundering if i am on the right track.

me.textbox1.text = form1.textbox1.text
and instead of: form1.textbox1.text
have the code read
me.textbox1.text = form1.datagrid1.text
and put it into the button on form1

in the datagrid i used the query builder and created a sql statement and put the textbox1.text into the where clause.
could you if you answer my message send it to my email address at or could you email me and tell me where it is posted, or could you send me to someone that could help me.
thank you

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