server 500 error

I have problem that I will try to explain I am a web designer not a developer I will do my best, I have run into some issues with this script I have a template of a system to sell hosting alongside my web design, I have moved some of the code from the index.rhtml to the header.rhtml and also to a new separate page so the login is on its own page. I now receive server 500 error when trying to log in .Once the attempt to log in has been made you recieve internal server error 500 but if you direct back to home url you have actually been logged in. It also happens when creating a new account although the log in and new sign up are successfulyou are directed to a page called front-page.rhtml this is where the error is coming from. The login code is below
[code]<% if !logged_in? %>

Log In

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<% else %>

Hello <%= %>. (log out)

<% end %>
the only code on the front-page is [code]<% else %>[/code]
I guess there is a script file somewhere on the server which has the directives of where the code should be executed from? which is causing this error to occur as its coming from the wrong place I hope somebody could advise me or point me in the right direction. I did have similar problem before on and different piece of code and placing [code]<%= url_prefix %>[/code] on the get action did the job not this time though
many thanks

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