A problem reading global.asa file

Hi there,

Ive written a site using classic asp which reads elements gathered from the global.asa file. The global.asa file is located in the root file of the website (together with the asp/html source pages). Upon testing the login error site, the 'logon' buton directs to a page named verify.asp to verify the user login credentials. The path to the verify.asp file is stated in the 'post' element within the logon page itself. The verify.asp pages' location is specified within the global.asa file but instead of loking in the specified path, it automatically looks at the top root directory, obviously displaying an error message stating that it cannot locat the verify.asp page.

I have derived the global.asa syntax from a book and i have gone over the code several times now but i'm certain the code is valid.

Do i have to the global.asa file within my pages or do i have to det it up within the server settings?

Is there a way i can convert the global.asa file into an .asp file instead??

Any help toward this matter will be appreciated, thanks!!

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