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SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
I've got three minor problems with my windowing library that I am now sure how to fix off the top of my head. The library gets a pointer or sets a pointer at several places in the code, but due to the class being pointed to, I get C4312 or C4311, conversion warnings.
//This line causes a 4312
if((pBase = (BaseWindow*)::GetWindowLong(hwndWindow, 0)) != 0)

//This line causes a 4311
::SetWindowLong(hwndWindow, 0, (LONG)pBase);

//This is another 4312
::CreateWindowEx(dwExStyle, this->GetClass(), pTitle, dwStyle, iX, iY, iWidth, iHeight, hwndParent, (HMENU)uiChildID, hModule, this)
The last line has a problem converting from an unsigned integer to an HMENU. However, when you create a child window, you have to specify an ID. How can I get around this one? The other two I have ideas on that I am about to try, but I still need help if they fail.


No go. My idea of using a LONG* instead of a BaseWindow* for "GetWindowLong()" failed, since I couldn't cast it to a BaseWindow pointer and call methods in it later in the code. I do need this resolved so that I can compile this in 64bit and 32bit.

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