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I'm a computer science student and as part of our course we are expected to be able to demonstrate some programming ability in Eiffel (Smart Eiffel). Unfortunately I have a Mac Book and this adds a dimension of complexity to compiling my programs. At the moment the editors I use are Eclipse(Java), Text Mate and XCode for C/C++ and other languages. So far writing and compiling code hasn't been a problem. I need to be able to compile my .e files.

I installed the syntax highlighter for Eiffel in Text Mate. However I need to install a compiler for Eiffel. There are a number of avenues I have explored to resolve this.

I'm reluctant to install another editor such as Eiffel Studio. As I have enough editors and I really just want a simple command compiler. I don't want to be like those people who have 30 songs and 6 media players. I will resort to this if no one can help me.

I tried, and downloaded and installed the software but nothing. . probably because my version of XCode is 3.0 and the version designated is 2.x

While I have some proficiency in some areas regarding computers I must admit if someone could give baby step instructions as to how install a smart Eiffel command line compiler for OS X 10.5 it would be much appreciated.

All I have to do in C is gcc -o name name.c, I'm hoping to reach a similar thing in eiffel i.e. se-compile name name.e


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