error writing "stdout": I/O error in Linux

can anyone please give an idea about why this error is occuring ??
According to me this error is related to printing the message in the terminal. Also this error is not occuring continuosly ,it happens only once a while.


  • Maybe if you would show the error message or even the whole code we could help you out a bit.
  • Hi ,

    i cant provide the full code as its huge and mixture of C and TCL .
    the purpose of the code is to generate traffic via Ethernet card .

    First we connecting to the machine and start traffic , but while connecting it throws the following error.

    After launching machine while running testcase during the ta_connect the
    following error occured ta_connect:error writing "stdout": I/O error

    ta_connect is the command given to the machine, these commands are pasted in the terminal.So I suspect it might a machine environment problem.But need a clear proof for this.

    Chandru S

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