Deploy projects with both runtime and designtime packages!

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with runtime and designtime packages,
My Application consist of many forms and units and we separate them into some packages,
(datamodules in datapkg, input forms in inpPkg, classUnits in clsPkg) and main form in main dpr project file,
Without checkbox "Build with runtime packages" delphi combine all of them in one stand-alone executable file, and when checked that, Delphi now, separate all bpl's, include our packages and any component packages and system bpl's (rtl7.bpl, vcl7.bpl, ...) in individual files and exe file with only 27KB size generated without packages in them, so require all of them.
I want each bpl of our packages dis join of exe file and just any else (system bpl's) embed in exe file.

[italic]I use Delphi 7[/italic]

Thank for all if can help me,
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