I get the follwing datas from SQL to the listbox
A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H (all integer values)
When I double click listbox I want

Textbox1 = Val(C)
Textbox2 = Val(D)
Textbox3 = Val(E)
Textbox4 = Val(F)

Can someone helh?


  • what you want is not clear enough. Please explain more.
  • List box items (left) from the data base SQL are:

    Double-click on list box as shown(red)
    TextboxV1 should display 9
    TextboxV2 should display 6
    TextboxV3 should display 1
    TextboxV4 should display 2
    TextboxV5 should display 3
    TextboxV6 should display 4

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