CORBA & JAVA Help Please

Hi, all( No code required, I just need guidance)

I wanted to create a CORBA/JAVA Text editor, that people could access the same JTextArea and save copies to there harddrives.

My question is that, is this possible and what is the most simplest way to combat any deadlocks and mutual access.

By the way this is not a project, Our assignment was a bank account factory, But this Text Editor is practice for my final year project next year. I found the following IDL online that is exactly what I thought the Text Editor IDL would look like.

interface ManipulatedFile {
void close();
void save();
interface FileManipulator {
open_file(in string filename);
ManipulatedFile new_file()

Can I use mutual exclusion for Text in a JTextArea, or is there another solution for a beginner java programmer, any advice would be helpful.

Also if I may ask another question, where do I put the GUI code in the client,server,or servant classes. I cant find examples of basic corba/java programs that have a GUI they all are run using the command prompt.

Kind Regards,

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