C compiler for opengl on windows xp

Hi all,
I am planning to learn opengl on windows xp.

I would be thankfull if you guys can tell me some OSS/free C/C++ compilers available for windowsXP which would be compatible with openGL. I would be preferring C as I already have some experience in it (though in linux/unix OS).

thanks in advance


  • SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
    Any C/C++ compiler should be compatible with OpenGL as long as you have the OpenGL headers and libraries. I began using C in Windows 9X years ago with Borland and did my first OpenGL coding with it on 98SE. I later got MSVC and it works fine with it as well, although I only do OO (C++) now. As for free, I am not sure under Windows. Unlike the great free stuff in Linux, almost everything is payware here in the Windows world. I do remember Borland having a free compiler with registration on their site, but you don't get the IDE. If you code in Wordpad or something similar, the free compiler and tools should do. If you want an IDE, I don't know.

  • Its free and works great,
    Visual C++ Express http://www.microsoft.com/express/vc/Default.aspx

  • If you've been using gcc so far, then I can also recommend [link=http://www.mingw.org/]Mingw[/link], which is the gcc port for Windows. MSVC is good too, but Mingw will make things easier in case you still want to develop cross-platform.
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