questions about c# and directx

i have several questions about directx and c#
1-i have created a class that load a mesh named MyMesh.i wanna create a rotate method for this class that rotate the mesh about a specific point that angle of rotation and
center point are the parametrs of this methos: public void rotate(vector3 angle,vector3 center) when i write mymesh.rotate(new vector3(0,20,0),new vector3(5,5,5)); it means
that rotate mesh evrywhere about point 5,5,5 , 20 degrees in y can i implement this method?

2-every MyMesh object can have several childs.when a mesh rotated all childs of that mesh should rotate about center of the parent(first mesh) mesh.

3-i have created a class that inherit class TreeNode of c# names MyTree.i want to do some operations on all Nodes of my tree that everyNode of that tree is a MyTree class
with a root can i do it?
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