Help needed with XSLT please!

Hi All,

I'm actually quite new to XSLT and I got this issue I need to resolve. I'm converting this web service XML request to an XML file my system will understand using XSLT. The problem is the guy who wrote it quit so now I have to make some mods to new functionality and I'm kind of stuck. The crux of the problem is that the current xslt will take an XML such as



and convert it to:



Now I need to get rid of the tags from the input XML altogether and still produce the same output after XSLT is applied.

Here is the XSLT which currently handles this conversion:

I dont know what a couple of things do:

1) .. Which nodes does this include?
2) "local-name(node()[local-name()][1])"/ what does this evaluate to?
3) Why there are two for loops to go through the set, shouldn't it go through the nodes only once?

Sorry if some of these are stupid questions - I'm very new to this.



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