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Just a quick note to say that are currently posting a weekly article on their website regarding freelance work. Some of the articles which are currently on the website are:

[b]Working Remotely for Both Employees and Employers[/b]
The remote working freelancer may find that working from home presents far too many distractions. It can be very difficult to segregate your work life from your home life if your office is in the same place that you spend time with your family.

[b]How can employers benefit from hiring freelancers?[/b]
Many companies never consider the benefits to be had by hiring in freelance talent for specific projects. It has only been in recent years, with the growth in popularity of online freelance job brokerage sites, that sourcing freelancers has become relatively pain-free.

[b]Are you interested in freelancing? [/b]
Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful freelancer? If so then read on as this short article is designed to give you a basic understanding of the fundamentals of undertaking freelance work.

[b]Is freelancing for you? [/b]
There can be no doubt that working as a freelancer suits many people, however it should be noted that for every individual who builds a successful freelance business there are many more that try and fail.

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