Exciting price for various items,

Hello Friends,
I just saw one online shopping mall web site www.celestialsphere.us/, it is really awesome, great price for all electronic and other items, Great introductory offers or all including foreign tour package. Shipping facility across the world. Don't wait, just jump there and purchase things,
Some exciting price details
IPOD starts at __$146.00
LCD TV starts at __$275
Nokia N series starts at __$179.00

Really exciting price, right?
One secret thing, i also got few of coupon codes for 5-100$ discounts, if you reply here, i will send them, i've used them myself most of them are for one time use, so it will be useful to you for sure.
Remember the site name www.celestialsphere.us/
here is some of the coupon codes

1)Coupon Name CS-MI32
Coupon Description Take $10.00 off Apple Ipod 32GB 2G. Offer is exp. 01/27/09 or stock goes.
.Coupon Code a8cdce3061
Uses per Customer 2
2)Coupon Name CS-MSI8PD
Coupon Description Take $10.00 off Initial IDM-830 8 Inch Portable DVD Player. Offer exp. 01/27/09 or until stock goes.
Coupon Code af6949958e
3)Coupon Name CS-MNX830
Coupon Description Take $15.00 off Naxa 10.2" SWIVEL PORTABLE DVD PLAYER. Offer exp. 01/27/09 or until stock goes.
Coupon Code eae6ce24e1
4)Coupon Name CS-MWIIFB
Coupon Description Take $15.00 off Nintendo Wii Friends Bundle. Offer exp. 01/27/09, or until stock goes
Coupon Code e04c0b341f
5)Coupon Name CS-MPS380GBG
Coupon Description Take $15.00 off PlayStation 3 80GB Bonus. Offer exp. 01/27/09, or until stock goesCoupon Code 069ec395d8
Coupon Description Take $5.00 off any purchase greater than $50.00
Coupon Amount 5.00
Coupon Code c823b68ebf
End Date 01/27/2010

Coupon Description Take $10.00 off any order over $100.00
Coupon Amount 10.00
Coupon Code 9364d4316b
End Date 01/27/2010

Mechele peters.

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