debugger tracer [anti-crash system]

Hi all,

Well, I dont know if it is the best place to talk about this... but...

I am developing one program that process texts, with a plugin system, and I need to make some type of anti-crash system in the plugin system...
Well, this anti-crash system for what I researched, is a type of automatic debugger/tracer [b][I am not sure][/b]. The goal of it is keep the information of the last processed text line [and also many other useful information] in a case of a bug happen and crash the plugin it will write in a log the last line processed and any other useful information [that supposedly will help me to find and fix the bug in the plugin] and later it will just simple close the plugin [it means that it will clean the space on memory that the plugin and the text was loaded] and/or re-start it without crash the whole environment [IDE]...

The problem is that I dont have the lesser idea on how I can do this type of task, and I dont found any program that can do something similar, or even opensource programs... so... any one have any idea?

Ahh, someone said to me to use SEH, but for my researches, it cant help me much with all types of bugs that can happen, or, the SEH documentations I saw is not reliable...

[b]Any extra information will help me, for example:[/b]
*anything that can help me create my anti-crash system [b][I mean, docs, pdf's, or any other form of documentation, books][/b];
*information about any type of debugger/tracer that can do this type of task, if possible, need to be opensource to me integrate in my system;
*anything about a plugin system and/or with some type of anti-crash system or some type of anti-crash protection;
*any one that have some codes related with [b]a plugin system, or anti-crash system, or debugger/tracer[/b] and want share it to me, are all welcome;
*any other alternative that can solve my problem is also welcome.

Best regards.

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