How do I do an intralink ?

A link to another part of the website you're building. Like a different page ?


  • There are a couple of ways to accomplish the task:

    if you are familiar with adding events to html elements here is the same folder link:
    otherwise surround the link text with an anchor tag

    The above assumes that the file you link to is in the same folder/directory as the folder you link from...

    should the file you link to be in the parent folder containing the folder you would click to get to the file you linked from you can replace [color=Blue]file.ext[/color] with [color=Blue]../file.ext[/color]

    should the file you link to be in the child folder that appears in the folder with the file you linked from you must specify the folder name [color=Blue]file.ext[/color] with [color=Blue]./folder[/color]file.ext The more you drill down by clicking folders the longer the link
    [color=Blue]./folder/file.ext[/color] with [color=Blue]./folder1/folder2/onDown[/color]/folder/file.ext

    The ./ before the link means starting from the current default location on the system, hosted or otherwise. On your computer that is usually the folder of the file, but on a website it can be configured as anything. The default folder that is usually the one you would start in is also typically specified in the address bar as symply the filename after the .com or domain name thing, so if your original file [color=Blue]file.ext[/color] is the default... there are a few ways to access it using the html code above by linking within that folder:

    I have seen templates that refer to folders that aren't accessible by using the ../ folder above reference like [color=Blue]../../../wow/overyourhead.html[/color] three folders above the default folder and in wow folder is overyourhead

    Config files allow more rubust access features, but the above are the basics
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