AJAX/IE problem (kicked out) when hovering images and clicking links

I have a question regarding the site [link=http://www.kroese-exclusief.com]http://www.kroese-exclusief.com[/link]. Some users who visit the page http://www.kroese-exclusief.com/products.php?uid=1049&grp=16 and hover an image or click on the bottom images, get kicked out. (If you cant read anything, you can click on the language buttons at the top left corner on http://www.kroese-exclusief.com).

They were using Windows XP (IE7) and Vista (IE7).
They get the following errormessage. 'The website http://www.kroese-exclusief.com/products.php?uid=1049&grp=16 couldn't be opened. The operation is aborted.'

Rogier Kroese (The client also has the errors) has watched the status bar at the bottom of Internet Explorer and there was the following notification when the popup showed,

'waiting for res://ieframe.dll/dns.error.htm'

F5 wouldn't help either.

I hope an answer can be found. I personally think it has something to do with AJAX and IE.

We us the following script for making the AJAX component work. We use PHP.


on the bottom of the HTML page:
window.onload = function()
productdetail_update("<?=$first_uid;?>","<?= $grp_id;?>","<?=$shoppingcart;?>","<?=$inserted;?>");


The JS is a bit long, so I only place the link:

On the links below there is something I had found, but nothing concrete.



I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

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