Article: Reduce Workload using Ediscovery Systems

Information systems are difficult to handle when they are stored in distributed network systems. Electronic discovery has contributed to this by powering legal discovery searches, which cover all data stores, to efficiently return appropriate data. It has been proved that intelligent systems can reduce overall IT workload by over 90%. By implementing reactive and proactive [link=]ediscovery[/link] systems, organizations can also realize faster growth rates through reduced work load.

Reduction in workload is possible because they can collectively address data that is stored in various repositories like laptops, data centers, mobile systems and remote locations. In this way, massive data transfers across wide area networks or shipping physical disk drives between locations are avoided, thereby reducing overhead costs. Legal hold situations can also be solved using ediscovery systems because they provide improved accuracy and dramatic reduction in analysis and review workloads by performing these functions from a single console.

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