QueryPerformanceCounter not working properly


QueryPerformanceCounter isn't counting properly under WindowsXp.
under windows98 seems to work well.


  • [color=Blue]So... where is the code?[/color]
  • [code]

    int main() {
    LARGE_INTEGER start,

    if (!QueryPerformanceFrequency(&cps)){printf("Err 1
    if (!QueryPerformanceCounter(&start)){printf("Err 2
    /* .
    . here comes the main program
    . */

    if (!QueryPerformanceCounter(&end)) printf("Err 3
    printf ("%.9f sec
    ",((float)(end.QuadPart-start.QuadPart)/(float) cps.QuadPart));

    return 0;

    according to QueryPerformanceCounter the program runs at the same speed on an Intel Celeron 333Mhz (running Win98) and on a Intel Peintum 4 3.0Mhz (running WinXp)

    if i test the program under DOS (not using QueryPerformanceCounter of course) it meassures 0.0004 Sec (on the intel pentium 4 processor)
    and on the other machine under DOS it measures 0.003 Sec while on the intel pentium 4 processor running windows XP it meassures 0.002Sec approximately the same time measured on the slower machine under win98

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