hello, some dos advice?

hello i was wondering is anybody could shead some light on a problem tht is happening in dos,

im tryin to run some old skool dos games, which i remember from years back now i have most of them working but it is just one which im having trouble with,

im using windows xp and a programme called dos box, the game im trying to run is the 1994 amtex game gonefishin lol i know..... these are the commands i use in dos box, i shall run through it all,

z:/ mount c c:/games


c:/cd gonefishin


now this is where i can make head or tail of it, it starts to load and then comes up with a message saying

error reading config file: #5

now i think that it have something to do with the soundblaster sound card which the game runs with, but i have downloaded a programme called vdmsound its the 1.7 version which says i can run the soundblaster setting through vdmsound,

im so lost and im confusing myself more and more every day i try to get this game to run,

can any one try and bring some light down on this, all replys are great appriciated

chrs Andy
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