Enterprising Software Developers

I am looking for programmers and software developers who are employed in full time positions but who have great ideas for software they are privately developing or have developed and would like to bring to market, but cant afford to leave their job until their product starts selling.

I am specially interested in software products that work alongside other ERP solutions. For example if someone has developed a reporting solution for SAP or a remote web based data entry solution for Axapta.

The ideal candidate will be a developer or consultant who has a product ready, or almost ready to go, but is struggling to figure out how to bring the product to market whilst employed full time. This can be a tricky situation because in this position the developer would not want their employer to find out what they are up to and to release a product they would need to provide tech support and find a way to deal with the marketing, demo and sales process whist still holding down their full time job.

We are an organization that helps people who are in this position to bring products to market and we work on a percentage of sales basis, so there is nothing to loose. We do however insist on a territory exclusive contract for a set time period.

Does this interest you? Or do you know any other media where I can get in touch with the people I am seeking. If so please reply to this post and you may also email to white.ross445@gmail.com

Ross White

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