team of 12 PHP web developers is looking for job

Good Day,
We are team of 12 PHP web developers and looking for job. We charge $10-$15/hour.

Projects we made.
Form processing solution (site and script)

Form processing solution (site and script)

Conkurent (site)

NeedSecure (site and script)

NeedSecure version 2.0

Rewritten social engine

EasyFormIt (site and script)

Also we offer SEO services.

My best regards.
Valera Vlasyuk
Conkurent LLC team


  • Are you from India?

    [color=Blue][size=1][b]Tangsem Technology, Inc.
    Web Design, Web Development Services
    Skype: tangsemtech[/b][/size][/color]
  • Dear Sir,
    I'm from Ukraine

    My best regards,
    Valera Vlasyuk
    Conkurent LLC
  • Hmm i have some work would probably have to do it per contract. We use multiple teams to not let out full product details.
    Currently we need a form bot of type that will transfer data from our mysql data set to specific forms. We were going to do this in VB6 as a preference. Surely any team with such php experience knows vb6 automation.
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