Problem with soundcard - Desktop Konnekt 6

Hi there!
I bought my T.C electronics Desktop Konnekt 6 last week and have this far spent at least 40 hours trying to get the sodding thing to work.

I have OS: Windows Vista 32-bits on a Dell Studio 1737.

This is the problem I've been experiencing:
At first, I couldn't even make the computer detect the soundcard. Even though i had installed the CD correctly and plugged in the firewire cable. But then, dont ask me how, I managed to get the computer to detect the external soundcard, maybe because of the many uppdates for drivers and software I had downloaded.
So at this point I have made sure I have all the latest uppdatetes for the soundcard and for the sounddriver in the computer, but as fast as I try to play something in the speakers connected to the soundcard, I just get an errormessage.
And yes i have been in the controlpanel and made sure everything is correctly set. I even tried to turn of all other soundsources in the Device Manager but nothing works.

It seems as Cubase (a soundediting program) isn't having any problems connecting with the soundcard. I've succeded to record music from instruments that I've plugged inte to soundcard and have even sometimes managed to get the sound from the playback in Cubase to stream out of the speakers connected to the soundcard. But this doesn't either work all the time, it's like a broken watch: sometimes going, sometimes not.

Is there anyone else that's experiencing the same problem, or having any solution to offer?

I started thinking that it might have something to do with the Firewire Chipset in the computer, because it's a firewire soundcard.
I checked wich chipset I had and the result was:
RICOH OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
And as i checked on some other forums I saw that this chipset, Ricoh, is known to cause alot of trouble, is this something i should be worried about?

Im very greatfull for all responses!

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