Looking for a team for a fairly big project!

I am looking for some people Who would be willing to invest their free time to create an MMORPG I have an idea brewing in my head, I am going to write history books for this land, I am going to make it very in depth, very detailed! but unfortunately I have no skill in programming or anything of that sort, so if there is anyone willing to help me with this for free their might be rewards when it is finished because I plan on making it like runescape sort of with the free to play kind of thing and then pay to upgrade and you would definitely be paid once money starts coming in so If you are interested E-mail me at alternetbomb@hotmail.com and tell me what you are interested in doing!


  • Custom software and games development in Ukraine.


  • [color=Blue][b]is this offer still open, I have quite alot of experience in VB but i have only a little free time because i am only 14 and have alot of school work to do.[/b][/color]
  • ...Hi,

    Sounds like a project.

    I am a darkbasic pro programmer... could be interested if the story was right.

    None of this on line stuff, tru hard core game style, client v server stuff.

    Still out there?
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