rhtml - controller race

here is my problem:

One user, one (new) modem, one computer. He wants to connect to Internet
with the modem.

The user that wants to connect with the modem first is redirected to
ruby application (by modem firmware -> www-is on VPN), after configuring
the settings the redirect is removed but the rhtml is not rendered
because the application (web/ruby) is on VPN and it has no access
anymore to it.

Now, I am a beginner to ruby but I did some tries and searches and still
cannot make it that the text and some links that say yey u are
successfully connected to internet, here you have some docs about it...,
to be first displayed and then the settings to take effect and redirect
removed... in the same step, controller method <-> rhtml. The settings
they take effect and some text or none is displayed, it is a race on
what is first, rendering the rhtml or controllers method with get
requests to the modem is executed ... first.

Thanks guys!

what I am still looking for is a way of first to display the rhtml and after fire the get requests.

One request is like this:

url = URI.parse("http://"+ session[:ip_addr] + "/blabla.wl?var1=1&...")
req = Net::HTTP::Get.new(url.path+"?"+url.query)
req.basic_auth "xxx","xxx"
res = Net::HTTP.start(url.host, url.port) {|http| http.request(req)}

and now is in controller, but I did try it in between <% %> in template rhtml but didn't displayed the template also.
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