Play audio and Vedio on a website

Hi every one am very new around here and i would like to use yor hel guyz.

I have a small project i have just undertaken to play music
files of all formats and vedio files on the site. the most challennging part is that i want to use a 2 dropdownlist to select the music file i want to play (the first list chooses the directory and the lastone selects the trak i want to play and this records are kept in database and the files are kept in an ordinary folder) it is very simple to do in in VBA but is is giving me a hard time in .net. Plz any one HELP

this is what i found out so far..





// and this is my object that i want to use to play the vedio and musi files.



///the button i want to click to play the selected media file or track

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