Looking for help with MMO project

Team name:
I'm currently trying to put together a small team to produce a MMO concept I have been mulling over the last few years.

Project name:
The working title of the project is Super Awesome Game of Awesome Uberness (SAGOAU for short).

Brief description:
SAGOAU is a fully 3D, but primarily top-down (56 degrees) MMO. Overall, the game takes heavy influence from WoW, but will attempt to put less emphasis on sheer quantity of players, and more on the quality of the players.
The top-down camera will help to make the battle field much more visual, taking focus away from the UI and putting it on the game itself. To this end, the game has a much more arcade-like feeling (All attacks are position based, etc).
There are currently 8 classes; Swordsman, Assassin, Priest, Mage, Druid, Blood Mage, Beast Master and Swarm Master. Each class has a very unique play style.
For example, the Beast Master is unable to attack. Instead he uses summonable pets (up to 3 at once) to do combat for him. These pets are weaker than a normal player, but since he has a Healing, Tanking and DPS Pet, he is able to solo very well.
The Mage uses the Word system to cast offensive spells. You start with 3 attacks (Bolt, Wall and Burst) and you cast a series of Words to modify these attacks. For example, if you cast Word: Fire -> Bolt you get Firebolt. At high levels you will be able to chain together ~10 words, creating highly dynamic and devastating spells.
The game will feature a 6 member party system, the general make up of which will be Tank, Heal, DPS, DPS, DPS, Hybrid. Encounters will be designed with this in mind, and call for that Hybrid slot.
While the game uses a 100% custom UI and engine, scripting is all done by LUA, so it's very easy to work with/modify.

Target aim/Compensation:
Ideally, I'd like to see the project finished sometime in the next 4-5 years. There will probably be a small fee ~5$ a month. Distribution will be done either through a website, or a system like steam. If any money is actually made, it'll be split amongst the team.

The client and server are written in c++, for windows. Porting the game may or may not be a viable option down the road.

Talent needed:
At this point any help is welcomed, but what is most needed is 2D artists for textures and UI design, and 3D modelers.
LUA scripters would also be nice.

Team structure:
Coonor Brennan - Engine code, game design

http://sites.google.com/site/sagoau/ [sites.google.com]

AIM: Sharsnik
MSN: [email]sharsnik@hotmail.com[/email] (I use that e-mail too)

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
The site has lots of information on the general direction of the game

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