89s51/52 programmer compatibility issue

I have a parallel port (25 pins) 89s51/52 programmer.. I have an IBM R51 laptop.. It has a printer port in it.. But whenever i try to 'program' any hex file using SPI Flash Programmer.. It displays a msg "No response from uC".. I have purchased it from a local shop.. Its working there (the guy has a desktop).. But it wont run on my laptop.. Help????

Is this due to different types of printer ports on his desktop and my laptop?? How can i resolve this issue??


  • Sometimes you need to re-click.Please make sure everything is fine on the electronics side(on the micro controllers).If thats fine,check if there is disconnection in the connector by opening the plastic case.By the way what is the OS on your laptop that you are using?
  • Hi
    You can find a USB prgrammer for 89S51 like this [link=http://www.protosmart.co.uk]one[/link]
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