how to overlap calender control in table td tag

I was trying to developed a unique user control to developed Date picker using html table tag.

I m simply design forms which includes:

1) asp:textbox

2) asp:imagebutton

and 3) asp:calender control

all these three control are placing table tags in a sigle row

At the form loading event visible property of the caleder is false. when i click on the image button

Calender cotrol is display on the form but it destruct whole structure of the row.

how do i stop this things and overlaped that calender control over td tag.

I faced this problem when i worked on it. I want to create one unique user control of Date Picker, so i can use

this componant other places.

if any body have solution for this program Mail me at


  • Dear,
    For the calandar use style="display:none" to hide it and when you wants to display set it property as style="display:block"

    Thanks & regards
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