Dos guru needed for help on config.sys file

I want to add a comment that the user can see on the screen when they go into the Restore submenu.
The message will be Warning user profile will be overwritten.
I underlined the comment in bold I want to show up on the screen for the user.
here is the whole config.sys file.

SUBMENU=backup, Backup...
SUBMENU=restore, Restore...
SUBMENU=tools, Tools...

MENUITEM=Backupf, Backup ESA BASE C & E Install
MENUITEM=Backupfsd, Backup User Profile C & E Volume

MENUITEM=Restoref,Restore ESA Base C & E Install (Restores Base Windows Image)
MENUITEM=Restore2,Restore User Profile C & E Volume (Restores both C & E)
MENUITEM=Restore3,Restore User Profile C Volume (Recommended)
[u]Warning Restoring Profile will overwrite current profile.[/u][b][/b][color=Red][/color]
MENUITEM=Restore4,Restore User Profile E Volume (Restore Profile only)

MENUITEM=checkint, Check All Images Integrity

switches /n


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