Creating password protect mdb file using VB6.0

Dear All

I am currently developing an application using vb6.0 and ms-access.The output of the application should be sent as mdb to the client. The client have their own mdb with all necessary fields which they developed in their own way.But they have given the neccessary fields which should be included in the output mdb as a password protect mdb files.

Now I have developed my mdb files with my own way(ie.some extra fields).I want the output should be generated which will get match with their mdb file. So after completing my work I want to create one mdb file with the client structure and the given password from the client has to be set for that mdb file and I have to sent this output to their client.

How I will accomplish this task?

Whether I have create a client mdb file with pwd protect in coding orI whether I should have a separate copy of the client mdb file in any of my location and copy all the data from my mdb file to the client mdb client.I have to do this?

Please assist me.


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