DataGridView Combo box Column Issue

I have a Windows application that is using a MDI main document and a MDI Child window. In the Child windows I have a form that is using 2 databound datagridviews (dgvAvail,dgvAssigned).

dgvAssigned has a comboboxcolumn with a datasource, DisplayMember, Valuemember, DataProperty assigned. This combobox is populated by a dataview.

dgvAssigned is databound via a dataview. If no records are returned by the original dataview, the grid is empty. When the user selects a member from the dgvAvail, the datatable is created and a row is added. The dgvAssigned is rebound to the new table; However, the combobox displays its ValueMember instead of DisplayMember.

when the box is clicked, it shows the list of values.
The appropriate value is given in the combobox's Cell, but it is not displayed as the "DisplayMember" when not in edit mode.

The control works correctly when there are values in the grid on first load.

Any help would be appreciated.
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