ado adodb.recordset on a mapped drive

Accessing a dbf through ado directly with an adodb.recordset ( with a
simple select that send a query to populate a datagrid in vb6 ) all goes well and
very fast when the dbf resides on the same computer (pc1) from where the query
is executed (es: c:database on pc1)

Instead if i run the query from another pc (pc2) of the same group of pc1 in the
network pointing to the dbf on a mapped directory ( es: w: mapped as
c:database on pc1 ) query becomes very slowly and it appears as it is downloading
the entire dbf from pc1 to pc2...

p.s. the recordset is created with "SELECT TOP 10
& archivio & " WHERE ( 1=1) order by DATAVISIT desc, SCORTANUME desc
", conn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly

and then disconnected

rs1.ActiveConnection = Nothing

where did i go wrong?


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